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And It Has High Paying Odds

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BetKing Mobile Coupon Check Guide 2021: See How to Check Bet Slip.

BetKing Mobile Coupon Check Guide - Are you having issues checking a bet on BetKing?bet9ja-mobile-registration-19.jpg Also, I still, don’t know how to check bet slip on BetKing? If yes, then this article is for you.

This article will teach you how to check a bet. Also, it will teach you how to easily check the winning ticket on BetKing. This is to know if your placed bet is a lucky one.

BetKing Mobile

Betking is one of the top betting sites in Nigeria. And it has high paying odds. Many citizens who like to test their personal prediction options likely used it by placing bets. And this is in the hope of getting the winning ticket at the end of the match predicted.

Also, with BetKing, betting winners can find out if their bet is a lucky one by checking the winning ticket on betking.com.

Additionally, they can do this by using Betking old mobile coupon check. However, before looking at BetKing mobile booking guide, note. We will talk about BetKing user interface. And then we will dive into different ways to check Betking coupons.

Betking User Interface

When you are on mobile, this is how the homepage looks like. This page is designed to enable users to control their experience on the site.

You can decide to visit the website via the New Mobile design or Lite/Old mobile version.bet9ja-mobile-registration-18.jpg The choice is yours so you can decide which one you want to use.

If you ticked "remember this setting" before selecting any of the options (BetKing old mobile / Betking New Mobile site) the selected option will be set to your default preference each time you visit the website.

That’s to say, you will no longer see options to choose between new and old mobile sites. To see it again you will have to type https://m.betking.com/en/site_selection/in your browser’s address bar and hit enter/Go/Ok depending on the type of keyboard you use.

Extra Information on Betking User Interface

It’s a quick link to access Betking Old Mobile Coupon Checking page.

Note: If you’re are a registered user, you can log in with BetKing and it is possible to check coupons directly without logging into your Betking account for easy Betking coupon check.

So, let’s imagine you have placed your betting prediction and now have a ticket that you want to check (coupon) directly on your mobile or computer. These are the steps you must follow to succeed.

How to Check Betking Tickets

The following are steps on checking BetKing tickets:

1. Simply log on to Betking official website. This is either by visiting Betking old mobile or the new mobile version.

2. Thus, once you have chosen your preferred site version, note. You should click on ‘Coupon Check’ option that is located on the website’s homepage to check Betking ticket.
3. Also, type in your bet ID aka coupon code just enters the bet slip ID (your coupon code) that you have received after placing your bet, or simply copy/paste it if you have it already saved on your clipboard. Click the Proceed button or press on the button to continue.
4. Additionally, confirm if your placed bet is among the winning tickets on betking.com.

How to Know if Your Ticket is a BetKing Winning Ticket

Here’s a lazy man way to confirm your placed bets.

1.bet9ja-mobile-registration-18.jpg Simply follow the above instruction.
2. Also, type in your coupon codes.
3. Furthermore, click on proceed to see your coupon details. If all of the selected events or games turned Green Square, then it means your prediction is a lucky one.

How to Carry out BetKing Mobile Coupon Check Coupon on PC

With your PC connected to Wi-Fi network or mobile internet, you can quickly check if you are among the happy Betking winners from your computer.

Here is how to check bet slip on Betking using a PC:

1. Simply visit com. And it will automatically take you to the PC version once visited on PC.bet9ja-mobile-app-banner-3.gif
2. Also, you can proceed without Betking login. Thus, don’t bother yourself about betking registration.
3. There is a file in which you have to enter the coupon code.
4. Now enter the ID of your bet slip to check it by click on the ‘Search icon’ at the left-hand side to confirm your decision.
5. Also, the status of your bet slip will now be displayed, and you will know if you are the winner or not.

You can also write down your bet numbers while placing it online or at Betking shop.bet9ja-mobile-registration-20.jpg And then simply watch your favorite sports game and monitor its results to understand if you are among the winners or not.

This is just another method of checking how your Betking prediction went. You have learned how to check your winning ticket on Betking old mobile and new mobile site.

Thus, as you can see, it is extremely easy to do. And there is more than just one method of checking everything out without registration.


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